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In 1896, the Viscount of Vilarinho de São Romão, refers to Quinta do Monte Travesso, in his work Viticultura e Vinicultura - Brings the Mountains - Upper Douro Central, the following terms: "in>... owns this parish [referring to Tabuaço] some notable quintas, among which we will mention that of Monte Travesso, largely reconstituted by Americans..." (in p. 470). Based on this historical reference, this year was associated with its origin - QUINTA DO MONTE TRAVESSO - ESTD. 1896


The Quinta has been owned by the same family since the time Artur de Magalhães Pinto Ribeiro bought it. Later he offered it to his daughter Margarida do Carmo by the time of her marriage (Margarida do Carmo was the daughter of Emília da Conceição Ermida - a beautiful blue-eyed lady and of the referred Artur de Magalhães Pinto Ribeiro, who was born in Travanca de Armamar on January 8, 1870; at the age of 22 he graduated in medicine and was a Navy Doctor; he was also one of the founders of the Casa do Douro - "Paladinos do Douro" - being its first President).


Margarida do Carmo, married Manuel de Nápoles Afonso de Carvalho, son of António Afonso de Carvalho - Capitão de Mar e Guerra (uniform and estate displayed in the main hall of the house) and Judith de Barros Caupers de Sousa Nápoles - a lover of the Douro and the matriarch of the family NÁPOLES, whose weapons are displayed on the Quinta's logo and to whom tribute is paid with the house's top-of-the-range red wine, produced in limited quantities and only in exceptional years: Quinta do Monte Travesso - "JUDITH"


Later, Joseph Emmanuel, the couple's eldest son, followed up on the legacy and made several improvements. After the division of the property, he classified his part in Diário da República, with recognition of the IPPAR/Strong, as Quinta do Monte Travesso (Mount Travesso Farm) by the estate together with the characteristics of the property - House, Chapel, Wine Warehouses and surrounding vineyards. The Quinta also has its trademark and in parallel with the production of grapes for Port Wine starts the process of production and marketing of DOC DOURO Wine and Olive Oil, with its own brand.


Currently, Bernardo Maria, is responsible for all wine and olive oil production and also for opening the doors to Wine Tourism (award BEST OF WINE TOURISM 2019 - Sustainable Wine Tourism), thus making the Quinta, its History and its Wines known. Sometimes, when visiting the Quinta, it is possible to find the producer's children (Bernardo and Constança) who already make up the Quinta's family, which has always been connected to the Douro.


The Farm

Quinta do Monte Travesso is a Douro property, located in Tabuaço, in the sub-region of Cima-Corgo.

It is a family farm that is dedicated to the bottling of wines and oils with its own brand, as well as tourism.


The vineyards extend over a valley along 16 hectares.

The soils are poor and schistose, in them predominate the most noble red varieties like Tinta Amarela, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Sousão. In the white varieties we find Cerceal, Fernão Pires, Malvasia Fina, Gouveio and Rabigato.

To preserve the oldest vineyards, some plots are kept with tight compasses, where all the work is manual. On the contrary, in the new plantations on levels and vineyards at the top were used wide bars that allow their mechanization.

In the new vineyards, besides a careful choice of the colonal material, special attention has been given to the conduction of the grapevine and its bundling.

After carefully collecting the grapes in small capacity boxes, the White Wines are fermented by the open-ended method, with stainless steel decantation and subsequent fermentation in vats with temperature control.



Red Wines are fermented either in the lagares or in small volume fermentation tanks. After the malolactic fermentation they are aged for an indefinite time in new and used French and American oak barrels of 225 liters. Afterwards the batches are carefully elaborated to be bottled with the Quinta's brand.